Faith – part 1

Bob Christopher, Richard Peifer and Bob Davis join together for this special teaching edition of Basic Gospel. They explore the “how” of faith – how our faith begins, how it matures, and how it manifests in our life. Based on 1 John 12, Bob identifies three stages of faith. The first stage is Rest and Security – understanding that our sins have been forgiven and the truth of Romans 8 which says “nothing can separate us from the love of God”. The second stage is Victory – it is our maturing faith that allows us to sense the Word of God directing our steps, enabling us to overcome life’s trials and temptations. The third stage is Purpose – our faith fulfills God’s purpose, to become a reflection of God’s goodness, glory, grace, forgiveness and love in this world. Enjoy this special teaching edition!

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Interview with Dave Bish

Dave Bish, pastor of Tri-County Church in DuBois, PA, joins us on this broadcast. Dave’s a dynamic and passionate leader who has encouraged his community to “do church differently”. Grace is the center point of his ministry and the person of Jesus Christ is the role model for how they conduct themselves. Dave says “Jesus didn’t just TEACH the Word of God. He was, and is, the Word of God. His very life is the expression of what grace looks like in flesh and blood.” Tri-County Church operates under this principle: Church is the people of God expressing the character of God. Jesus didn’t say “Go to Church”; He said “Be my witnesses, come to me, follow Me, love your neighbor, make disciples, deny yourself and follow me”. One program they have at Tri-County is “Church Without Walls”. One weekend per year, instead of a church “service” they become a church “serving” their community. This successful event helps the church body get a taste of what it truly means to “be” the church. Dave is a
lso the author of “I Don’t Go to Church – I Am the Church”, available HERE

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Can I Sit at Your Table?

One of the most awkward times for the kid is the lunchroom. They’re wondering which table to approach and to what group they belong. Wanting to belong is a lifetime issue. If we understand our identity in Christ we have a new identity we can hold fast to. Even Peter found himself looking for the “right table” to sit at. Galatians 2:11-14 “…before certain men came from James, he (Peter) used to eat with the Gentiles…” * I heard a pastor say, “if you are poor, you don’t have to tithe ten percent”. Is this true? * A friend of mine who knows the Gospel chooses to study with Jehovah’s Witnesses. I find this troubling. * Why did Ananias and Sapphira die? * Thanks for your ministry. * Under the New Covenant how are we to fast and pray?

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We Have Life in His Name

Through Jesus’ shed blood, He ratified the New Covenant and ushered in a new way, a new order. And that’s what defines the church. When God looks upon this planet He sees the body of believers–those who have believed in Christ. When we think of church, we think of the local assembly. A recent survey concerning the health of their church states that unhealthy churches are weak in discipleship and evangelism. I think the reason we’re weak in this is because we’re weak on the message. * Please explain how we are invited to be bold in our faith and challenge those who don’t believe? * Why does the Bible say “whosoever believes shall be saved” but in another place “not all who call Me Lord are mine”?

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Interview with Pete Briscoe

Our special guest today is Pete Briscoe, Senior pastor of Bent Tree Bible in Carrollton, TX, as well as being part of Telling the Truth with his parents. Pete grew up in the message of grace and yet he had to come to his own grace awakening later in life. Grace teaches us that Christ is doing His work in and through us – it is not us doing the work for Him. All of us can relate to Pete’s story! Pete says “The church is magnificent – a great God idea.” The church is those who have the life of Christ coming together in community. The church’s true mission. is to take the message of Christ to the whole world. Pete is passionate about communicating the indwelling life of Christ. and

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New Covenant – New Promises

When you and I are born again Jesus lives through us by His Spirit. When Jesus died He ushered in the New Covenant. And we are children of the New Covenant. Hebrews 8:10-12 “This is the covenant I will establish with the people of Israel after that time, declares the Lord…” * The purpose of pastors, elders, and other leaders is to equip the saints to carry our the work of the ministry. * What would you say to those who say we need to keep the Old Testament law?

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A Life Giving Body

We’ve defined the church as the people of God who have been baptized in the body of Christ by the Spirit. The body of Christ is also defined by the New Covenant and in this corporate body we really get the picture of the church. * I tell believers they can’t lose their salvation. They have to believe that Jesus alone can save them. Am I on the right track? * Please explain 1 Corinthians 9:27 “No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.” * Is there anything Biblical about “holy laughter”? * Is Jesus just an angel? * Are the Old Testament saints in the Book of Life?

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